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Sustainable Transport Holdings are a transport campaigning group based in the wonderful town of Northampton, in the East Midlands of England. Sustainable Transport Holdings owns four other organisations, who do the campaigning:

• Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire
• Sustainable Transport England
• Sustainable Transport Wales
• Sustainable Transport LondonSE

Having this type of structure allows us to focus on one area at a time, depending on how much dedication it needs.

Sustainable Transport Holdings was founded by me, Harry Burr, in early 2020 during the first Coronavirus lockdown in the UK. It started with the Weedon Station Project, which got an early boost of attention from the press, MPs, and other local people and local councils. In August of that same year, I decided to branch into different local projects. I started with South Northants Link, a campaign to relink Northampton, Banbury, and Leamington Spa with a new transport link.

After a while, I decided I wanted to start campaigning outside of Northamptonshire, so I started Sustainable Transport Holdings, which allowed me to campaign within the rest of the UK, taking advantage of all our sub-brands.

Back to the present day. Sustainable Transport Holdings, as of February 2021, are campaigning for four separate concepts to come to life, including two tram networks, one railway station, and one general transport link.

Sustainable Transport Holdings are constantly looking countrywide at where a new link to the transport network would be necessary for that place to grow. We are dedicating most of our efforts at the moment (Feb 2021) to Northamptonshire, Milton Keynes, IoW, Reading, and Middlesbrough.

Sustainable Transport Holdings are constantly looking to grow, too, so we are also looking into going international, slowly, in phases.

Harry Burr

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Hi! I'm Harry Burr, a 14 year-old railway campaigner, living in Northampton. At the start of my life, I lived in Canterbury, Kent, before moving to Northampton. In 2020, I started a not-for-profit called Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire, which campaigns for better and more environmentally friendly transport in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas, after he realised something needs to be done about it.

Now, I lead Sustainable Transport Holdings (which owns Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire now).

I have received both positive and negative comments on social media, but I try to block out the negativity, but take some of it into account in future, which might help me with my future projects. Constructive criticism.

I have a passion for the environment, if the authorities wants to get to that net-zero emissions promise by 2050 then they have to connect us with better transport links, to avoid us using cars.

I write in the Weedon Bec newsletter on a frequent basis to keep residents updated on my projects, as well as writing for magazines occasionally.

At the moment, I am focussed on my railway station campaign.

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Document namePublish dateDownload link
Weedon Station Project WhitepaperJuly 2020Download
Daventry Shuttle ReportJanuary 2021Download
Weedon Station Project ExplainerFebruary 2021Download
South Northants Link: Main ReportJanuary 2021Download
South Northants Link Appendix AJanuary 2021Download
South Northants Link Appendix BJanuary 2021Download
South Northants Link Appendix CJanuary 2021Download
MKtram Project ReportJanuary 2021Download
South Midlands Tram economic analysisDecember 2020Download
Our revised plan for Digital ServicesJanuary 2021Download
A new, new structureJanuary 2021Download

England's Economic Heartland

EEH provide the South Midlands region’s voice on strategic infrastructure and services. Their leadership is focused on addressing barriers to realising the region's potential.

• EEH are the Sub-national Transport Body for the South Midlands region. Their overarching Transport Strategy will be a 30 year strategic vision for our transport system that puts the needs of businesses and individuals at the forefront of investment decisions
• EEH's work of wider strategic infrastructure is focused on making sure investment in transport, digital and utilities infrastructure is ‘joined up’
• EEH's work with their delivery partners is focused on identifying investment priorities, getting the funding secured and then delivering improvements to budget and on-time.

We work based on England's Economic Heartland's Reports, especially their Transport Strategy, on most of our projects and campaigns in the region they cover.

Midlands Connect

Midlands Connect researches, develops and recommends transport projects which will provide the biggest possible economic and social benefits for the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

They are the Sub-national Transport Body for the West Midlands, and most of the East Midlands region. They also have a Transport Strategy.

They examine every option for improving major transport infrastructure in our region. The fundamental aim of these improvements is to transform regional and UK gateways, bringing the Midlands closer together and accelerating cost-effective improvements to unlock east-west connectivity that will enable the Midlands’ economies to work more effectively together.

Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire's next step in public transport.

For years, Northamptonshire, in the East Midlands of England, has been underwhelmingly served by public transport, and especially their railways. Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire was formed to sort this out, and push the local councils, and local organisations, to sort this situation out. Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire was the first organisation formed by Harry Burr, now the non-profit administrator of Sustainable Transport Holdings.

Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire operate two main projects, the Weedon Station Project, campaigning for a new railway station on the fast West Coast Main Line, serving Daventry as a Daventry Parkway. It will take advantage of more capacity on the line when HS2 Phase 1 starts operation. It is also campaigning for a new transport link between Northampton, Banbury and Leamington Spa.

Sustainable Transport England

A new step for Sustainable Transport Holdings.

After Sustainable Transport Northamptonshire was formed, Harry decided to move into more national territory, starting with Milton Keynes, but then exploring places such as Plymouth, Reading, and even Darlington. Because of this, we decided to form 3 new organisations. One of these were Sustainable Transport England, allowing us to campaign freely across the country, without the Northamptonshire limitation.

Sustainable Transport England are currently campaigning for two projects, but a lot are in the works. They are both prospective tram networks, one in Milton Keynes, across the entire Urban Area, and another in the South Midlands.

Sustainable Transport Wales

Moving into unknown territory.

After a major restructuring of the organisation in February of 2021, Sustainable Transport Wales came into being, on our first .cymru domain! It campaigns across the devolved administration, and covers certain projects in towns such as Shrewsbury and Telford in Shropshire. This allows us to campaign within Wales and England at the same time, for projects such as a new line between Telford and a town in Wales.

The organisation currently isn’t campaigning for any projects, but has a lot of prospective projects in the works. Wales is in dire need of a railway upgrade especially, which is the main reason we formed Sustainable Transport Wales, to improve accessibility to railways in Wales.

Sustainable Transport LondonSE

Our second region-based division.

Also during our major restructuring of 2021, we introduced Sustainable Transport LondonSE, to allow us to dedicate certain resources to campaign in the massive area that is London and the South East. Although most areas of the South East has great rail, bus, and even tram links, certain places such as the Isle of Wight deserve upgrades.

The organisation currently isn’t campaigning for any projects, but has a lot of prospective projects in the works. We are currently focussing on the Southampton, Portsmouth, and the Isle of Wight areas of the South East for new projects.